You are lost in space with nothing but your suit, your mind, and a load of asteroid hurtling straight for you! Avoid collisions exhausting your fuel and running out of air while deadly asteroids zoom past you. Collect keys to remove barriers quickly closing in to crush you. Use you momentum to slingshot out of black holes that will try to swallow you into oblivion! 

The higher your score the faster you level up to increase the efficiency of your equipment. Customize you astronaut and fly in style. Earn the top score and show off on our leaderboards. 

Stake your claim and show your resilience in FLOAT!



Float TD will be a tower defense game on a last planet trying to protect the last hope between you and finding your way home to Earth.

Float TD will launch with 10 unique towers all bringing their own power and worth to the field. Finding the key balance between all your equipment will be key.

The enemy swarms will present differing issues that combat directly the effects from tower to tower and level to level. Having the right strategy to weaken and destroy the right enemies will be the difference between victory and death!

The overlords within the swarm will be individually challenging specimens that will take your entire arsenal to take down.




In this weekly series I will be displaying (in time lapse) my journey from start to finish of my upcoming Float TD game for Android.


I will be covering how the indie dev journey as a whole has been for me thus far, the common mistakes I make, what I have learned from video to video and I will be asking for feedback, suggestions, and criticism of what you all are seeing so far.

See you there!